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Pechi approached us in 2009 with an ambitious project. They needed assistance porting their static HTML website into something more flexible like Drupal. They knew it wasn't going to be easy so they trusted Drupal Latin America to be their partner in this great new endeavor.

400 hours later, DLA turned over a fully translatable, fully themed website that was packed with features and delivered a website that has lasted until today with minor updates.


  • Fully customizable homepage.
  • Fully translatable content types, images, vocabularies and terms
  • Image slider on the homepage.
  • Image sliders on the E-Gretting Cards section.
  • Flash animations for the E-Gretting Cards section.
  • Image sliders on the Online Shop.
  • Custom image styles to facilitate adding wallpapers to the resources section.
  • Social network buttons.



  • Douglas DeFord


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